cost of employee benefits

Cost of Employee Benefits to Your Business

You budget for paperclips… why not for employee benefits? You’ll want to read this if payroll and employee benefits aren’t two of the top five items in your operating budget. I see carefully crafted operating budgets all the time. It’s generally quite easy to find a line item for office supplies. But nothing, not even on page two, for employee benefits. Why? I started asking employers why they don’t budget for benefits. The responses have been remarkably the same, “Because we just have to have them.”

Employee Classification | Hourly Pay vs. Salary Pay

Do have an extra $5.3 MILLION to resolve a wage and hour claim? Fun fact: on average, total wage and hour payments due to unpaid overtime, failure to provide meal and/or rest breaks and off-the-clock work total approximately $400 million per year. On average, companies have paid $5.3 million to resolve one case. If you’re thinking, “No problem, I outsource my payroll, so everything is fine,” I would agree. Your payroll probably is just fine. But are your employee classification?

Do You Really Know How to Be A Mentor?

Many of us consider ourselves mentors, someone with knowledge and experience to motivate and propel another person to greatness. It generally starts because we identify with something in another person. In fact, we often see them as younger versions of ourselves. Think of someone in your life you considered to be a mentor. Chances are they were someone who helped you see things in yourself you might not have otherwise seen. They were probably able to be perfectly honest with you… even when it hurt. The other little-known fact is a true mentor will have no personal agenda other than to help you grow and succeed. They also know the mentor secret: you must let go of your ego.