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We love helping businesses grow, expand, scale, or whatever other fancy name you want to give it! We want to see you get bigger and better at what you do and share it with more people. Your employees will likely impact a big part of your growing process and determine your success. Employees can also be one of your biggest growing hurdles as well. This can also be one of your biggest hurdles through this process as well. We want to help ease you through each growth milestone and help your organization stay compliant.

Join one of our classes or workshops to help make sure you are implementing the proper steps in hiring, managing, and retaining your employees. Learn how to protect yourself and your organization from all kinds of employee issues that can arise in the work place.


Upcoming Events

Human Resources Boot Camp - For Small and Growing Companies (Sold Out)

June Boot Camp sold out!  Upcoming dates will be posted soon

June 5, June 12, and June 19, 2019

The Environmental Center – High Desert Room 16 NE Kansas Ave – Bend, OR

“I don’t know what I don’t know” is a comment I hear from new clients often when we start discussing Human Resources. If you can relate, then this course is for you.

I designed this three-day intensive course for small and growing companies to provide a high-level overview of each major aspect of Human Resources (HR).

The goal at the end of the three-days is:

  • To help you understand what’s next for your business as it relates to HR.
  • To leave with useful tools and templates you’re able to implement immediately.
  • The ability to specifically identify areas you might need some help.
  • A new awareness around situations where you might be at risk.

For more detailed information about the sessions, please click here to download our printable flyer for the class.

Cost: $350/person ($325/person if more than one from a company)


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See What Our Clients Have to Say
Merl Waschler, President/CEO Valley of the Sun United Way Phoenix, AZ

“I Could Trust Her Advice and Judgment”

I’ve worked with Christine for many years. As an employee of VSUW, I appreciated her “no-nonsense” approach to handling all situations. I knew I could trust her advice and judgment which was paramount in her role. Christine’s skills and expertise have transitioned nicely into a consulting role and have helped during a critical time of transition.

Mattie Rhoades, Owner Quiltsmart Bend, OR

“Prioritized Items of Greatest Need”

I hired Christine as a consultant for my growing organization about nine months ago. We were at a critical juncture as we were moving from one warehouse to another and had to manage not only the logistics of the move but staff, communication and customers. Christine was able to help prioritize items of greatest need and risk as we worked through this, several month long, process. I appreciated how she brought examples to the table from her many years of experience that were relevant to our situation.”

Ken Betschart, CFO, Bend, OR

“Exceptional Insight”

Christine has exceptional insight into handling fundamental human resource functions. I was extremely pleased with her leadership and energy in creating a performance management and valuation system for employees and managers.